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Group Exibition at Refuge Worldwide, Weserstr , Berlin , 2022

Video Projection With Vide0club at Fortuna Wetten Karl Marx strasse Berlin , 2022

Sound Work With Artist Yun Kim at KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße , 2022

Pink Tree - Installation / Sculpture with at Verwalterhaus Berlin , 2022

Sound Work With Artist Yun Kim at Kuhl Hause Berlin 2022

Documenta-15 With Foundaction Class , Kassel , Germany
Installation With Sound at Rundgang kunsthochschule weißensee 2022
Installation and Music Preformance at Pandora Gallerry Kreuzberg 2022
Foundation Class Collective Exhibition at NGBK Berlin . 2020
Sound / Music Preformance at Feld Fünf , Berlin Germany . 2020
Sound-performance and Video Projection at Spoiler Zone , 2019
Rundgang , at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Germany. 2019
Print Ready at Dynamo Art Gallery, Vancouver BC Canada. 2018
The Patch Room curated by DarAlHokoomehProject, Iran. 2017

Mahmoud Ismail (1991 Lattakia , Syria)

Visual Artist and  Musician .

At The Past Studied Applied Art and Graphic Design In Syria in 2014 and Later Moved To Germany / Berlin in 2016 .

He Is Making Art In With Differant Mediums Like Sculpture and Sound Installation and Objects That Is Part His Subconscious Universe , As In The Beggining The Work Starts From The Physical and The Touchable to Later Make Its Way Into The Digital With 3d Scanning and Green Screen Footage Of Objects , To Later Be interpreted and Connected With Video And Sound . 

At The Moment , I am Student of Fine Art / Sculpture at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin .

And Now Aiming To Make More Music Videos For My

Music / Solo Band Project Al Hut الحوت

And Learn More As Well In The Process About Promoting

My Contect Across The Internet .

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